Meet The Team

Here at Dawson & Sanderson Corporate Travel Services we are justly proud of our award winning team who between them have worked for the company for over 300 collective years.

The directors and senior management team have control over all business decisions and are based at our Whitley Bay location.   All decisions will be made with client satisfaction in mind as this is centric to our business operation.  We have survived over 50 years in the travel industry by providing the very best service levels and employing the highest calibre of staff many of whom have spent their entire working career as members of our team.  The operation at Corporate Travel Service and the expertise available are:

Directors and Senior Management Team
Our team involved in the running client’s contracts will be:

Chris Harrison Managing Director
Chris oversees the company in its entirety and actively supports the expansion plans of the Corporate Division.

Alistair Cormack Finance Director
Alistair has spent the last six years with Dawson & Sanderson and ensures the financial stability of our company and the divisions of high street travel agency, corporate travel division, foreign exchange, online travel sales and call centre and our golf course.

Judith Maloy Director of Corporate Travel
Judith has spent 25 years with Dawson & Sanderson and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the travel industry specialising in business development, website design, travel technology, planning, training and customer service.  Judith’s role at Corporate Travel has vastly streamlined the business processes to increase efficiency and her work continues to enable cost savings to be passed onto our corporate clients.  Judith regularly negotiates with suppliers for better deals to pass on to our clients.

Joanne Vicente Corporate Account Manager
Joanne has recently been appointed as our senior corporate account manager. Joanne has a wealth of experience previously being director at GAC Travel for over 20 years.


Judith Blakey and Julie Maughan Finance and Accounts
Judith and Julie  provide a very adaptive approach to finance and work with our clients to provide a bespoke invoicing and payment system to match the needs of the client. They can visit accounts departments to initiate new processes to assist finance teams streamline the purchasing and payment of company travel. Between them Judith and Julie have over 40 years experience and career history at Dawson & Sanderosn.
These two experienced administration and finance consultants are conversant with the needs of the customers and work regular on administering their transactions. Our team of accounts professionals based in head office at Newcastle also provide administrative support to our Whitley Bay team.

Senior Travel Consultants
Our team of senior reservations consultants are commended regularly for a personal, perceptive and receptive approach to customers with the utmost care and attention to detail when planning their itineraries.  The offline team will personally handle all travel requirements and all modes of travel giving expert advice which will save time and money and increase the efficiency within the booking process. Our team are well versed in the intricacies of travel planning having vast experience of ticketing structures and knowledge of how to buy better.  For example significant savings have been made by following our team’s recommendations of buying two one way tickets to better a return ticket price or upgrading to a higher class of service with a special offer rather than pay a full price economy ticket.

The reservations team are based at two locations one in North Tyneside and the other at Teesside at Stockton on Tees.