Foreign Exchange Services

Dawson & Sanderson Foreign Exchange is our dedicated Foreign Exchange division. We provide a range of services to corporate clients of all sizes.

Using our International Payment service, paying overseas suppliers is a breeze, while arranging Travellers Cheques and Currency Exchange helps your business continue to operate smoothly.

Introducing our most popular product: the Tuxedo card, an exceptionally convenient and safe way of carrying overseas currency and controlling spend. With the Tuxedo card, you benefit from:

  • No additional charges
  • Travelling between currency zones without conversion
  • Checking your balance on any internet connected device
  • Topping up anywhere in the world
  • Transferring funds from the card back into your central online account
  • 24/7 lost or stolen helpline

Purchases of foreign currency in cash can be made online at You can choose from delivery to your nearest Dawson & Sanderson store or direct to your door.

Dawson & Sanderson. The Experts in Foreign Exchange.

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