Personal Travel Consultants

We want to give you the benefit of a very personal and professional service and we do believe we offer that to you by introducing you to your own personal travel consultant.  The personal travel consultant or PTC will meet with you, find out about your company, the nature of your business and, all importantly, how you travel.  Does your company require flexible travel arrangements to meet the demands of an ever changing industry or are you in need of last minute tickets, delivery of documents and time sensitive visas?  There is a myriad of conversations to be had which will ensure the PTC has a thorough knowledge of what you need and how we can ensure we meet those demands every time.

Our travel consultants have years of experience in handling the complexities of business travel.  They also know how to make the most of your travel budget and offer you options to save money whenever possible.  We will utilise all our expertise and our exclusive industry leading price programmes to ensure we are personal, personable and professional.