Risk Assessment

Business travel has become an integral part of conducting business and as such needs to be considered in duty of care with health and safety policies.

Travelling on business is inherently risky because it places employees in unfamiliar and occasionally disadvantageous environments. Examples include:

  • Standing out from the local population
  • Driving in unfamiliar locations and conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Unfamiliarity with local health risks and medical facilities
  • Does not speak the language of the country
  • Unsure of onward travel and local transport options
  • Lone female traveller vulnerability
  • Unsecure accommodation

Dawson & Sanderson place employee safety as the most important aspect of our organisation and as such will tailor a risk assessment to your company to ensure the safe passage of your employees as they go about their business.  We will therefore assist you to:

  • Develop a travel security policy with key stakeholders and experts that is integrated into the travel policy and communicated to all affected parties
  • Offer training and education programs for travellers, arrangers and managers ranging from online awareness courses on general travel risks and how to avoid or reduce them to medical risks and specific country preparation and intercultural training
  • Give access to a  pre- and on-trip information reports covering destination risk assessments, medical information and country profiles powered by trusted sources
  • Traveller tracking system that allows identification and communication with travellers at risk in crisis situations and for prevention
  • Provide 24/7 assistance services for personal support to travellers in need
  • Implement an incident management plan to plan for, avoid and respond to crisis situations (e.g., providing close protection services, preparing evacuations, dealing with kidnap and ransom cases)