Travel Policy Compliance

Reducing off contract spend can be an issue for travel buyers for many issues.  Employees can just not like being mandated and prefer to book their own travel and expense claim it back.  But have you considered the implications of an online booking without the financial backing of a fully bonded and registered travel company?  The costs to your company can be immense if travel reservations are not handled correctly and have no financial guarantees. The onus on safety and duty of care will fall back on the employer should online travel providers not be checked for ethical and safe travel procedures.

Through regular training and events Dawson & Sanderson can ensure that the travel policy is entirely mandated.  Our online reservation tool will allow bookings to be made depending on authority level of traveller or booker thus automating the approval process.

Our reservations are financially protected and we include airline failure insurance with every flight we sell so you can rest assured that no money will be lost in the unlikely event of supplier failure.  Every reservation will be captured and data reported in the management information reports.

Even more reason to insist that bookings are made through your agent!